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Sub-platter upgrades

Replace your plastic sub-platter with a 6082 alloy unit to improve speed stability and the looks of your turntable.


Description of the alloy subplatter upgrades.

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Sub-platter upgrade for Rega Planar 2, 3, P25, P78 & Rega P2, P3, Rega P3-24, please note the bearing/sub-platter upgrade is not suitable for the RP1/P1 due to the fact that they use a small 12mm standard bearing. The bearing/sub-platter upgrade will also not fit newer 2016/2017 Rega designs due to the fact that they use a new bearing that is screwed directly into the plinth, this design can be recognised as it has two holes drilled into the top and no nut underneath. The RP3/RP6 also use a different housing which is 1mm larger in diameter on the upper portion, these types of housing use the alloy brace between the bearing and tonearm. In conclusion you need the 18mm brass sleeve and nut design to use this upgrade. The standard and reference sub-platter upgrade is suitable for the RP1/P1 and the newer 2016/2017/2018 designs.

The sub-platter is machined from 6082 alloy billet with a precision 316L grade stainless steel spindle, which is the highest grade available. A longer than standard record spindle allows the fitting of record clamps or thicker platters to your turntable. Further performance can be gained by using the reference sub-platter and bearing kit. This uses a 316L stainless shaft with a silicon nitride ball embedded on the tip running on a Ketron PEEK thrust plate, the two Delrin bearing liners at the top and bottom are separated by an oil gap. This enables the ultimate in quiet running bearings with better lubrication and less friction. After installation of the sub-platter/bearing kit it is best to start with about eight drops of oil and allow the air to escape by carefully pushing down on the sub-platters record spindle. The the oil will fill the void between the liners.

Another version of the sub-platter bearing is now available which allows the sub-platter to be used in the standard or upgraded bearing liner. This version is different in that the Silicon Nitride ball is fixed at the bottom in an alloy carrier and the shaft rotates on top of it. Performance is excellent and it makes swapping parts easier.

Sub-platters are also available for the RP6 which allow the use of multi belt pulleys and a sub-platter/bearing is now available for the RP6.

New reference sub-platter for Rega with PEEK thrustpad and silicon ring center boss £59

New Delrin bearing sleeve kit for Rega £27

Older version of the sub-platter/bearing

High end platter/sub-platter/bearing upgrade for Rega.

The cost for a standard 6082 sub-platter for Rega is £49, Reference version £59 and the new Reference sub-platter bearing kit is £96. An RP6 version of the sub-platter is available for £66.

Contact me at to order and payment is usually via a Paypal invoice.

A sub-platter upgrade can replace a vital part of your turntable with a quality British engineered unit using the best materials.