Fidelity Designs LTD

12" tonearm upgrade for the Linn LP12.

This kit will enable you to upgrade your stock LP12 enabling it to utilise a 12" tonearm.


Description of the LP12 12" upgrade.

Posted by Ben Lamb -

This upgrade consists of a plinth, baseboard, top-plate, sub-chassis and arm-board. The plinth is made from solid oak with plywood corner braces and cut-outs to make for easy maintenance and installation. The baseboard is 12mm ply with cut-outs for suspension adjustment. The top-plate is formed from eight layers of carbon cloth as a structural plate infused with epoxy resin. The sub-chassis is laminated end grain Balsa using four layers of cloth per side with internal reinforcement from two carbon fiber spines running the length of the chassis. The arm-board is carbon laminated end grain Balsa with four layers per side and stainless threaded inserts using M4 stainless bolts to secure the board.

The kit is designed for easy installation of the standard hardware which fits as per the standard turntable. The fluted plinth retains the original look of the turntable so it does not look out of place in its environment. More contemporary designs can be produced to match the users tastes.

The standard cost for the LP12 12" kit is £490.

In conclusion converting your turntable to a 12" arm is a great way to change its looks as well as extracting more performance using a 12" arm with its reduced distortion.