Fidelity Designs LTD

About myself and the company.


How it all came about.

It all came about when I decided to see if I could produce a tonearm for a record player about five years ago and mushroomed from there. In the past I had worked in electronics and computing, with other jobs such as modifying suspension systems for motorcycles. I fabricated parts for race bikes and picked up many skills along the way, having the fortune of working with a very skilled craftsman. I always had an interest in record players in my youth and throughout my life. I always saw turntables and HiFi as things of absolute beauty and that facination never left me.

    Realising I couldn't just keep making equipment for myself I decided the only way to go was to start a company so I could share my inovations with HiFi enthusiasts around the world. I have developed many systems ranging from motor controlers to phonostages and DACs, it would be a shame not to put it to some use. I will have products for sale on this site which is a gradual work in progress. I will also show systems in development and demonstration systems showing new technology.

      Everything is made by hand from raw materials in my workshop in Lancashire situated in the north of England. My registered office is at home and I sit in my front room typing this text. I am a true enthusiast and although I have to earn a living, I get genuine pleasure creating parts and equipment that can be both fuctional and beautiful. I would like others to make use of my products and also enjoy them. Feel free to send me an email and I will do my best to reply. I do get bogged down at times due to the fact that most of my work is very time consuming and I work alone.