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Contemporary design and technology used to create the finest products at affordable prices.

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A range of inovative products for the vinyl enthusiast. Items can be produced to a customers specification if necessary. This provides a unique service in addition to off the shelf products. It enables the customer to build the turntable system of their dreams.


About Fidelity Designs LTD

Posted by Ben Lamb -

I have been developing record players for a number of years now and have inovative designs for every component in a turntable system from tonearms to motor control systems. I have a lifetime of experience in fabrication and design and technology. I use the finest contemporary materials mostly used in the aerospace industry. All products are designed and built in the north of England. Composite products are produced by hand using the finest carbon fibre cloth and epoxy resins. High specification aerospace aluminium alloys are machined by hand to produce beautiful components for your turntable. I hope you will get as much enjoyment using the products in your HiFi equipment as I do designing and testing them.

Rega RP6 sub-platter upgrade installed.

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Featured - New reference type sub-platter for Rega with PEEK thrustpad - only £67 plus p+p