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Replace your tired old plinth with a new one. Upgrade your current plinth with an improved corner braced version. .


Description of plinth upgrades.

Posted on by Ben Lamb -

Hand made plinths built from solid oak with plywood corner bracing. The plinths are usually finished with Danish oil but other finishes are available. The plinth will come with a matching baseboard which will have holes cut for the tonearm cable and also the suspension adjustment nuts on the springs. This will allow easy adjustment of your turntable without taking the base board off. The baseboard has four rubber feet to help isolate external vibrations.

The cost of an LP12 plinth and baseboard would be £129.

A plinth upgrade can be constucted for many turntables eg. Linn LP12, Ariston suspended turntables, Thorens decks like the TD150 etc. and planar type plinths can be built for Rega turntables. You may need something special like the 12" LP12 plinth/top-plate and subchassis upgrade kit.