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Integrated carbon fibre subchassis.

Integrated carbon sub-chassis and armboard design makes the sub-chassis and arm board one rigid unit formed on the same plane of carbon composite material.


Description of the integrated carbon fibre subchassis.

Posted on by Ben Lamb -

This new sub-chassis features an integrated design with the armboard and sub-chassis formed as one unit. This gives the ultimate connection between the platter and tonearm, providing the best rigid strucutre for the purpose. The sub-chassis is reinforced using the carbon spine design internaly and the whole unit weighs an amazing 526g. You may ask "Why strive to make the sub-chassis and arm board as light as possible ?". If you think of the sub-chassis as the triangular structure, it is supporting the platter on three equidistant springs. You can conclude that excess weight in the overhanging stucture holding the armboard and the armboard itself is a bad thing. That excess weight is putting the sub-chassis out of balance and you are having to compensate with excess spring tension to create a balance. This is reducing the effectiveness of your turntables suspension. Weight is an issue here and this product is super light !

End grain Balsa laminated with layers of Carbon fiber creating this unique structure, it is incredibly inert due to the low density grain structure of the Balsa and the woven structure of the carbon composite diffusing resonances. These low mass high rigidity structures will bring your turntable alive allowing it opperate in a new dynamic mode whilst remaining neutral and uncoloured due to the super inert properties of the structure.

Only one of these sub-chassis exists at the moment and it is available at a cost of £250 to suit the LP12 with a Linn mount tonearm. It is designed to fit any Linn plith.

I can't imagine a more cost effective upgrade for your turntable that will create real differences to its performance and character.