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Record weights.

Quality stainless steel record weights for your turntable.


Description of the record weights.

Posted on by Ben Lamb -

Record weights made from stainless steel and 6082 alloy ranging from 280g to 1.5kg in mass. The weights have a Delrin sleeve to protect your record players spindle when in use. You can ensure your record makes good contact with the platter and the heavier weights can be useful to add mass to your platter in suspended turntables.

The price of the weights range from £45 for a 600g version to £55 for a 1500g model. A lighter 290g weight which is suitable for Rega turntables is available in a stainless or brass version with an alloy base for £56/58

Your turntable will look superb running one of these quality stainless record weights.