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Custom turntable bearings.

Custom made bearings fabricated for any turntable.


Description of custom turntable bearings.

Posted by Ben Lamb -

I quite often get asked by a customer to make a replacement bearing for their turntable or to fabricate a bearing for a one off project. I am happy to oblige and often use one of my 6082 alloy/Delrin based systems as the basis of the bearing. I am willing to fabricate using other materials such as Phosphor Bronze or advanced plastics like PEEK. Silicon Nitride balls are used in construction with Delrin liners and thrust plates offering the lowest friction. Precision ground bearing grade stainless steel is used for shafts. All fittings are stainless like nuts and washers.

Please send me a message if you need a bearing fabricating for your turntable or project and I will provide guidance if needed. I will give an accurate and reasonable quote for the work.

Resurrect that old turntable or build your own project with one of my bearing systems.