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Carbon Balsa arm-boards.

Carbon Balsa replacement arm-boards for your turntable with integrated stainless fixing system.


Description of the Carbon Balsa arm-boards.

Posted by Ben Lamb -

Carbon Balsa arm-boards for your turntable offer the lowest weight at 170g including fixings, they are 100g lighter than the standard version. This unloads your suspension on the arm-board side allowing a closer to ideal distribution of mass across the three sub-chassis springs. The low mass end grain Balsa cored structure is very inert and the layers of carbon cloth help dissipate resonance. Integrated stainless threaded inserts are combined with M3 stainless mounting bolts and washers to enable a superior fixing solution.

The price of the arm-boards is £75.

Your turntable will look superb running one of these Carbon Balsa arm-boards and your suspension will benefit from the low mass.